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The quality policy of Litiz company

The quality policy of company is the realization and acceptance of each employee of the company objectives, ways of achieving them, and the principles that define the approach to quality as a corporate value.

The main aim is to reach and surpass the level of quality that the user has defined as necessary.

Ways to achieve:

  • The use of standardized quality management system;
  • the creation of new governance mechanisms;
  • innovation;
  • corporate culture.

The principles at the field of quality:

  • respect for the consumer is not a formality;
  • the main criterion for the quality of work an employee at any level is the proper result;
  • constructive criticism is the basis of future innovation;
  • the result of the work achieved by the “team” in which each person is valued as part of it.

Implementation of the policy of “Litiz” in the field of quality management is ensured by the following actions:

  1. Allocation of resources.
  2. Prioritizing business processes.
  3. Increased demands to the decisions and actions on issues of product quality and quality management system.
  4. Perfection of technology.
  5. Formulation of measurable objectives.
  6. Distribution of responsibility and authority.
  7. Employee motivation by own example.
  8. Promoting a positive image of the company in the external environment of the organization.
Policies at the field of environmental protection of “Litiz»

The basic principles on which the policy of environmental protection:

  1. The rational use of natural resources.
  2. Compliance with legislation in the sphere of environmental protection.
  3. The collection, storage and transfer of waste to specialized enterprises.
  4. Advocacy with employees on topical issues.
  5. Informing consumers about the environmental safety of manufactured products.
Policy in labor safety company “Litiz»

Policy in the field of labor safety is implemented achieve the goals defined further ways and methods.
The objectives of policy of labor protection:

  1. Preservation of life and health of workers.
  2. Creating a safe working environment.
  3. Prevention of occupational diseases.
  4. Preventing injuries.
  5. Control of industrial risks.

Methods of implementation:

  1. Compliance with health and safety legislation.
  2. The assessment of possible risks in the workplace.
  3. The organization works to prevent injuries.
  4. Ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment.
  5. The organization of training of labor protection.
  6. Provide access to information on a condition and working conditions.
  7. The use of modern personal protection equipment